We would welcome the opportunity to help doctors working their way towards having appraisals and becoming re-licensed using the revalidation procedures being introduced in December 2012.

Many doctors have contacted DAC for support in interpreting the current regulations, in gathering suitable supporting information for their appraisal,or seeking help in completing the various appraisal forms that are currently being used for appraisals by different designated bodies.  There is a considerable variation between methods of recording appraisals, for example, completing the forms by hand, on a structured template held on the hard drive of the appraisees computer, or on-line, on the DBs secure server. This variability can cause some confusion in the process of adding data, and completing the various parts of the forms.

DAC has considerable experience in using the various available formats, including systems used by the RST (revalidation support team), the IDF, (independent Doctors Federation), Equinity360, , and NHSLondon.

If you are approaching your appraisal and need guidance on these areas DAC can offer support and advice in these areas.  This can vary from one to one training to workshops and on line support.   DAC can offer this support in a variety of methods to suit the convenience of individual doctors.

Contact DAC to discuss your particular  needs in preparing and completing your appraisals.