How to Arrange an Appraisal for Doctors with a Designated Body

If you are a licensed doctor who already have a known, prescribed connection, with a Designated Body arranging an appraisal is simply a matter of contacting us and following the process set up for appraisals. We provide appraisals for hundreds of doctors each year from a wide range of designated bodies covering many different specialties. The GMC has set out specific criteria for doctors to provide accredited appraisals, (which includes appraisal experience and ongoing training etc.). All our appraisers meet these standards. Your Designated Body / Responsible Officer will need to know the details of your appraiser and confirmation from us that these standards have been met. Our appraisal processes at DAC are regularly quality assured following established good practice guidelines. Appraisals can be provided at short notice and although most appraisals are face-to-face under certain circumstances we can provide Skype videoconference meetings as well. If you wish to proceed with an appraisal please contact us directly through this website or feel free to speak to our appraisal manager on 07727 893393.

For Doctors Without a Designated Body

All UK doctors must now have an annual appraisal.  However, there are still many doctors who do not know their prescribed connection to a Designated Body. Thus these doctors may find that choosing an appraiser in some cases is difficult, as they do not have a Designated Body with their own appraiser(s). We can help by providing the appraisal meeting directly, but in addition we can help find an appropriate route to revalidation, including finding an appropriate Designated Body. In some cases it is necessary to set up a new Designated Body for a specific doctor or team of doctors, and we have assisted in this process for a number of doctors. For those doctors without a Designated Body if an alternative route to revalidation is not identified then the doctors default to the GMC ‘annual return process’. This involves providing fitness to practice evidence directly to the GMC, so that they can make a decision as to whether or not to continue with the doctor’s license. We have found that some doctors find this process more stressful and bureaucratic than the standard ‘Designated Body’ route. Generally, being revalidated is easier if you have a Designated Body, and the GMC are currently encouraging all doctors to find a route to revalidation. Once an appraisal has been completed then the doctor is provided with a specific GMC form, (a REV12), which is evidence that a satisfactory appraisal has taken place. Therefore if you are a doctor without a Designated Body and you wish to talk to us either about having an appraisal or identifying an appropriate route to revalidation please contact us directly through this website or feel free to speak to our appraisal manager on 07727 893393
Using Doctors Appraisal Consultancy to Provide Your Appraisal

It is sometimes helpful to know details of the appraisal process in advance. We have shown below what you need to do in practice.

  1. Send an email to us here at the Doctors Appraisal Consultancy, and you will be sent written details of the appraisal process. We will be asking you for some basic information including your GMC number et cetera. You will then be provided with access to an online appraisal form. In some cases we will ask for you to have confirmed that DAC will be acceptable to your chosen RO/ Designated Body.
  2. Collate all the required evidence you require for the appraisal, this might include your past education records, certificates, and ‘supporting evidence’ about your current practice.
  3. The last stage of completing the form is to ensure that all the necessary documents you have collected are then added to the form.  For this you will need the documents in electronic form (such as excel spreadsheets, word documents, or PDF files).  If they are paper documents they will need to be scanned and saved in electronic form. Please note that good appraisal practice now recommends all appraisal information is provided electronically. This is to ensure that the Responsible Officer can easily view the relevant appraisal forms, both past and present.
  4. Doctors Appraisal Consultancy will then contact you, usually by email, to confirm that the form contains sufficient information, including the supporting evidence about your practice, to allow the interview to proceed.
  5. The appraisal meeting itself will then take place, either as a face-to-face meeting or by a videoconference on line meeting, between the allocated appraiser and the doctor having the appraisal.
  6. Within 48 hours you will receive by email your original appraisal form, but now completed with additional information completed by the appraiser.  These additional pages include the mutually agreed Personal Development Plan, summaries of the meeting, and also ‘output statements’ which will help the RO decide whether or not to recommend you to the GMC for re-licensing.
  7. Finally you use the guidance produced by the appraisal for that year, to help you over the next 12 months in completing educational activities and practice work in readiness for the following year’s appraisal.