For doctors in the NHS, for larger organisations, and for doctors who already have a known, prescribed connection with a designated body, arranging an appraisal is simply a matter of contacting the appraisal lead within the designated body, and following the process set up for appraisals.

All UK doctors must now have an annual appraisal.  However, at the time of writing, there are many doctors who do not know what is their prescribed connection to a designated body.

Thus  these doctors may find that choosing an appraiser in some cases is not entirely straight forward.  The GMC provides advice as to who a doctor’s designated body will be.

Once the doctor has a link to a designated body, the RO can provide the doctor with the name of an appraiser.  This may be a doctor from within the organisation, but this is not invariably so.  If you ask, for example,  for a doctor from the Doctors Appraisal Consultancy, to undertake this years appraisal, the RO will need to be satisfied that your appraiser has sufficient  training and experience in appraisals, and appropriate knowledge about the working of the designated body in question.  If this condition is met then the appraisal can proceed.


If you already have an existing arrangement for the DAC to arrange your appraisals simply contact us for this years appraisal to be arranged.

If this is not the case you will have to request the responsible officer of your designated body to confirm they will accept a DAC appraisal.  Remember doctors are entitled to have appraisals from any appraiser they choose, provided the RO agrees.

  1. Provided you are happy that the appraisal will be acceptable to your chosen RO/ designated body, email us here at the Doctors Appraisal Consultancy, and you will be sent details of the appraisal process, and you will be provided with an appraisal form.
  2. Collate all the required evidence you require for the appraisal, this might include your past education records, certificates, and ‘supporting evidence’ about your current practice.
  3. The last stage of completing the form is to ensure that all the necessary documents you have collected are then added to the form.  For this you will need the documents in electronic form (such as excel spreadsheets, word documents, or PDF files.  If they are paper documents they will need to be scanned and saved in electronic form. i.e. you complete sections 1 to 18 of the form, including the necessary supporting information, and email this to Doctors Appraisal Consultancy.
  4. The Doctors Appraisal Consultancy will then contact you, usually be email, to confirm that the form contains sufficient information, including the supporting evidence about your practice, to allow the interview to proceed.
  5. Within 48 hours you will receive by email your original appraisal form, but now completed with pages  19 to 21, which have been  completed by the appraiser.  These additional pages include summaries of your practice, based on the appraisal process, and also ‘output statements’ which will help the RO decide whether or not to recommend you , based on all the annual appraisals that he has access to, to the GMC for re-licensing.
  6. Finally you use the guidance produced by the appraisal for that year, to help you over the next 12 months in completing educational activities, and practice work, in readiness for the following years appraisal