Glossary Appraisal Termonology

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AE  Adverse event


ACI  Adverse clinical incident


Appraisal ‐ a process enabling doctors to have a formal and structured opportunity to reflect on their work and to consider how their effectiveness might be improved


Designated Body – A UK organisation managing, employing  or representing registered doctors, authorised by the Department of Health  to manage the revalidation process  for doctors with whom it has a prescribed connection.


MSF Multi-source Feedback, also called 360 degree feedback.


Revalidation – the process by which doctors will have to demonstrate to the General Medical Council that they are up to date and fit to practice and that they are complying with the relevant professional standards.


Relicensing – This is the process  in which the GMC issues a license for 5 years to a UK based doctor to practice in this country, having proved through the revalidation process that the doctor is practicing at a level equal to or exceeding   the generic standards of practice set by the GMC and based upon the GMC’s guidance Good Medical Practice.


PDP – Personal development plan; the documented set of objectives that arise from appraisal each year, and which form part of the personal development agreement between appraisee and appraiser which will inform successive appraisals and ultimately revalidation.


Revalidation Support Team (RST)   The organization set up by the Department of Health which is developing the system of revalidation in the UK.


Responsible Officer (RO)  – A  senior doctor nominated  by a designated body to manage its’ system of clinical governance and appraisal, and to evaluate  members appraisals in order to recommend them for revalidation.   The exact duties are still being consulted upon but they are to ensure that the doctors for whom they are responsible have met the requirements for revalidation.


Supporting information – the information that an appraisee presents to their appraiser. It tends to fall into four main areas: clinical activity, learning activity, review and reflection, and feedback from others.