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IDAN – Introducing the Independent Doctors Appraisal Network

What is it?

IDAN, the Independent Doctors Appraisal Network is an innovative scheme introduced in 2014 so that doctors in the same specialty can be linked to one another to support them in their annual appraisals. Independent sector doctors holding UK GMC licences, voluntarily provide their basic contact details in order to be entered on to the IDAN database. They then are linked to other doctors in the same specialty so they can swap ideas about the collection of supporting information for their annual appraisals. IDAN has no involvement with the individual doctors once the link has been made.

Why has this been developed?

Dr Paul Myers, director of Doctors Appraisal Consultancy has found that many independent doctors that he has seen for appraisals, have found difficulty in providing evidence that they are not working in isolation. Due to professional or geographical isolation some doctors found it difficult to discuss cases or the administration of their practices with peers simply because they did not know other doctors. He started an ad hoc system of linking such doctors together, and this process has been very successful.

It was thought by setting up IDAN any doctor in this situation could provide their contact details and information about their specialties, and IDAN could provide each of them with details of other doctors in a similar clinical situation. It is voluntary and there is no cost, and is initially being offered to doctors who have had appraisals through DAC. However any UK licensed doctor who contacts Dr Myers through this website will be invited to join the scheme.

How does it work? 

Doctors interested in the scheme simply provide their basic contact details such as GMC number, email address, medical specialty details and mobile telephone contact number, entered into a simple on-line form.  By 2017 we have about 100 independent doctors who are being linked with one another.

What about Confidentiality?

The contact details of the doctor are held on a secure server and are not disclosed to any third party. (For most part the details are in the public domain, for example the GMC number and doctor’s name can be accessible through the appropriate websites). When applying to join IDAN the application process asks the doctor whether or not they wish their contact details to be disclosed to other doctors in the same specialty. This ensures that the doctor has control of the use of  information that they disclose to  IDAN.

How can I join?

Simply apply to join the Independent Doctors Appraisal Network by clicking the following link: a